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Hey, Welcome to another edition of Smart Local Marketing Podcasts. In this episode, Jose talks about the #1 secret to increase positive Yelp reviews. Do you know that increasing reviews can have a huge positive impact on your online business and on sales?! To clarify this, consider the study by Harvard Business Schools that discovered that by adding just 1 Star in online ratings, you can expect an increase of 5-10% in revenue. This clearly shows that growing positive Yelp reviews online is a worthwhile endeavour. Audio [ Download ]   So, what exactly is Yelp? Putting it in simple words, Yelp is an online directory that mentions your business’ information

Most customers would think of Google as an intimidating digital experience that controls us and a lot of people don’t understand the way it works! Your Online Marketing for Local Businesses Podcast Host, Jose Quiroz, is here to talk about that in this week’s episode, using Google to reach out to people at a local level. Audio [ Download ] Why is it important for your business to be on Google? To get found online by people who are searching for your product or service it is important for you to get registered on Google. Here are the 3 tips for you to leverage Google for your local business. Google

In today’s episode, Jose Quiroz talks about one of his all-time favorite online marketing strategies he teaches his clients to reach customers on a local level, Video Marketing for businesses. So, just as we do for every episode, let’s get started. Audio [ Download ] Why is it important for local businesses to promote themselves using video? Building rapport The traditional ways of growing businesses with door to door sales, networking, rubbing elbows were extremely important because by doing this you get to know customers and client’s body language, tone, and personality. With the growing value of digital marketing, the same things can be done online. The fact is,

Hello and welcome back to this week's Online Marketing for Local Businesses Podcast by Jose Quiroz. In today’s episode, Jose talks about Instagram Promotion for Your Local Business and the Top 3 ways to use Instagram to your benefit. Audio [ Download ] “A lot of people and business owners think that Instagram is an uncontrollable, global, national social media network” But there are plenty of tools and strategies to use Instagram at a local level. Let’s see,what are some ways to use Instagram to drive local customers to a local business? When you add a post add your location! Why? This is because it makes you visible when someone

Welcome back to this Week’s Episode with Jose Quiroz on Facebook Marketing For Local Business, in the previous episode Jose talked about the Top 5 Fundamentals of Online Marketing, as a highlight to help you get an idea of what the next episodes are going to be like and how they’re going to help you build better business and grab more customer attention. Audio [ Download ] If you haven’t yet followed up do check out the Top 5 Fundamentals of Online Marketing. Let’s move on to today’s episode, which is: Why is Facebook Marketing so Important for Local Businesses? The answer to this is simple, local customers have been

In this episode, Jose Quiroz talks about the top 5 online marketing strategies, that are recommended to all of their clients to market themselves locally online. Here he shares the tips and strategies for you to ponder on and to understand successful online marketing. Audio [ Download ] Jose introduces these top 5 strategies that he would be talking about in the later episodes, so we suggest you get your pen and paper ready and start taking those notes and stay tuned for more. Google my Business & Google Information You need to make sure that your business information is up-to-date on Google. Google is the number one search

[caption id="attachment_1776" align="alignnone" width="1366"] In this episode of SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, Jose Quiroz discuss 3 Email Marketing Strategies to grow email list from ZERO to 1,000+.[/caption] In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, your host James Martell and Jose Quiroz discuss 3 Email Marketing Strategies for small business owners to quickly grow your email list from ZERO to 1,000+ as part of their new mini-series entitled “A Local Business Owner’s Guide to Gaining and Retaining Customers with Email Marketing”. Jose Quiroz is a local marketing specialist and a partner here at SmarterLocal Marketing. Email Marketing for Small Business Owners Every business owner is always looking

In this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, your host James Martell, is joined by Jose Quiroz, a customer acquisition specialist, and Partner at SmarterLocal to talk about the “5 Reasons Email Marketing Is the Key to Winning More Local Customers”. James and Jose will discuss the many benefits of Email Marketing for local businesses on how you can use it: to engage your customers, get immediate results, and, for cost effectiveness. Stats say 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day on their smart phones, and they actually want to listen to special offers and promotions from businesses. And if